New Features

(as of December, 2006)

Version 3.3 Build 16 December 28, 2006 :

Version 3.3 Build 1 October 24, 2005 :

Version 3.1 Build 78 October 29, 2003:

Version 3.1 Build 25, May 2002:

Version 3.1, January 2002:

Version 3.0, November 2001:

Version 2.8:

Version 2.7, October, 2000:

Features in version 2.5 were:

Zeus has had the ability to "announce" events as they occur since the first version. We have just added several updates to this capability. Zeus now supports any sound card, not just SoundBlaster brand.

By default, Zeus will use the name of the device or scene in itsannouncementt. You can now add an optional string of text to be used for the announcement instead of the device name. So, for example, if you have a motion sensor named "Front Door Motion Sensor," in the past Zeus would announce: "Front Door Motion Sensor: ON" when this device was activated. You can now add a text string, like "Someone's at the front door." When the device is activated Zeus will announce: "Someone's at the front door."

You can also enter a full path name to a .wav file and Zeus will simply play the .wav file as the announcement. We have one user who has a variety of bird sounds played depending on which outside motion sensor is activated. The font door might be robins, the back door might be loons and so on. This provides a pleasant notification of outside motion as well as differentiating between motion sensors. And of course you can use this feature to play the sound of people talking or a vicious dog.

Two new options boxes have been provided so that announcements and logging can be turned off completely for some devices while still being left on by default. This feature is especially handy for devices that are activated constantly like occupancy sensors in high traffic areas. The event will still function normally, but it is not announced or not logged depending on the settings. This will reduce the distraction of unwanted announcements and remove excess activity from the saved log file.

You can download a full version of Zeus if you're interested in trying it out on your own automation project.