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Zeus is a Windows based home automation program for controlling lights, appliances, and security around the home. Control events can be scheduled for a specific time or triggered by conditions defined by the homeowner. Sophisticated Scenes and macros can be created and tailored to the homeowner's needs.

Change in Daylight Saving Time in the United States
The U.S. has changed the dates for Daylight Savings Time beginning in 2007. The new dates will be from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November. Zeus Home Control used to have a built-in calculation for Daylight time but we changed it several years ago to accommodate the different dates used in different countries. Therefore, the current version of Zeus will pick up Daylight Savings dates from Windows. So, if Windows gets it correct, then Zeus should be correct too.

Interested in an Open Source version of Zeus Home Control?
Read the latest information about helping to create an open source version of Zeus Home Control on the Open Source page.

Description Read a more detailed description of Zeus Home Control and learn more about its features and benefits and how they can help home automation enthusiasts and homeowners looking for a better way to control their homes.

New Features The newest version of Zeus includes a java based applet that will run in any standard browser and provide access to Zeus over a home network or over the Internet. It also includes an updated mini web server for those who wish to use the browser interface and don't already run a web server. We also fixed a small number of problems including one that would affect new users.

Download We have released a version you can download and try out for free. If you find it useful or see promise in Zeus, come back and register your version for $49, become part of the growing Zeus community, and help us improve the product and add more features.

Casa del Rey Read about Zeus in action at the "House of the King" which used to be "Tom's House" until Tommy Jr. came along and took over.

Zeus Support Use the Support form to make comments or ask questions about Zeus or home automation in general. We are also very interest in any feedback you might have or to hear your vote on future enhancements and suggestions for Zeus.

X10 Terminology Zeus supports the X10 home automation protocol. If you're not familiar with X10, don't worry, very little technical knowledge is required for using Zeus.

Dan's Home Automation Index For more information about Home Automation visit Dan Hoehnen's excellent Home Automation Index. Dan's HA Index was invaluable during the development of Zeus. It has links to everything you could possibly want including real-life Home Automation examples and vendors for all areas of home control and automation. Check it out!

If you're interested in home automation, you might be the kind of person that would be interested in my personal electric vehicle conversion project. Check it out. I converted a small pickup truck to run on an electric motor and batteries.

Contact Us Here are the best ways to contact us for questions or comments.



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